Geospatial Engineering Ltd and Incledon have agreed to be co-supplying water system products. On Saturday, 8th December 2018, Geospatial Engineering Limited organized a water system demo/presentation were Incledon representatives came to present the different products of water system they produce and quality of materials they manufacture.

For the demonstration they used the butt welding machine purchased by Geospatial Engineering Ltd for its various water projects. The machine is used in joining pipes by welding them together.
Incledon is a South African based company with over 100 years of existence. The company specializes in manufacturing and supplying of water pipes, pumps, water meters, irrigation systems, etc. It is renowned for its top quality products which meet SABS standards.

The partnership allows both Geospatial Engineering Ltd and Incledon to help meet every individual old or young benefit in pure drinking water/ farms and mines having the right products, creating jobs and skills thereby taking Zambia on a new level of success. With this partnership it shows the willingness and desire of Geospatial Engineering Ltd and Incledon to timely deliver quality products to the Zambian market and beyond. In addition, Incledon will ensure that all the relevant training, back up, factory visits etc. are accessible to Geospatial while also being available to encourage technical workshops, quality drive and new product development. Furthermore all Incledon Zambian inquiries will be relayed to Geospatial Engineering Ltd.

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